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PioneerRx Pharmacies Lead COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

According to CPESN data, ⅔ of all the top vaccinating CPESN pharmacies are PioneerRx users. These pharmacies across the country have been working in overdrive to immunize their communities, and those operating with PioneerRx’s software have been positioned for sustainable success.

The PioneerRx team is proud to support independent pharmacies that are passionate about making a difference in their communities. Our team continues to release new software features that help optimize pharmacy workflow during the pandemic.

PioneerRx Named First-Ever Flip the Pharmacy

Technology Partner of the Year 2021

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Pharmacy Laws & Regulations

Need an easier way to keep up with new pharmacy-related laws and regulations being passed in your state? Check out our Pharmacy Laws & Regulations resource page for frequent updates on the latest legislation being passed - both on a federal and state level.


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PioneerRx Has the Highest Customer Satisfaction

PioneerRx leads the market with the most installed systems while simultaneously having the most satisfied customers.

Pharmacists who use PioneerRx are more likely to recommend the software to a friend.

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Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast

Fuel Your Passion for Pharmacy, One Conversation at a Time

We are on a mission. A mission to Save and Revitalize Independent Pharmacy. On the Catalyst Podcast, we dive into current events that are shaping how pharmacists approach their patients and their business.

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Getting to Know the RedSail Board With Ted Frank and Steve Lawrence

RedSail Technologies board members Ted Frank and Steve Lawrence join the podcast along with familiar faces Jeff Key and Kraig...
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